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[New!] Website Security Scanner

It's online, so you don't need to download/set anything up; Simply tap [ Here ] & enter the website to scan. The scan will be over in 10-60secs...

For $0 to $10, you'll identify low to critical severity bugs on your website, get easy-to-apply thorough tested fixes & 24/7 tech support - An incredible more than 1000X bargain over traditional pentesting!

Current version (1.1) checks on a diverse range of Website Security Vulnerabilities & suggests quick easy Fixes

These include: Content Security Policy misconfigurations (including web cache deception risk), CRLF injections/ HTTP response splitting (including web cache poisoning risk), Header injections (including web cache poisoning risk), SQL Injections, Security misconfigurations, Bad HTTP methods, Exposed backup files, Exposed application source code, Unsecure communication (HTTP), Path Traversal, Etc

Upcoming version will include more advanced scans, as can be accomodated by an automated online scan (~30 seconds)

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hLabs LTD

Information Security Audits/ Penetration Tests

We conduct web systems audits/ Pentests to help identify & patch weaknesses/ compromises in the systems

Our tests are based on OWASP Top 10+ & any other issues that are identified in the course of the exercises.

Our fees are absolutely affordable: ranging from $50 upwards, depending on the size & scope of the system(s) in question.

Audit/ Pentest time range can be as short as a Few Hours to about a Month, depending on the systems's size & given scope

Note: For smaller systems, you can just give us a call & we'll do a full quality audit without the need of a physical meeting.

All audits/ pentest have professional accompanying documentation on all issues identified, their severity & how-to-fix recommendations.

Where applicable, we fix the bugs for the client.

hLabs LTD

Incident Response

We respond to active Intrusion/ Hacking activities on WebSystems

hLabs LTD

Web Systems Hardening

We also help secure systems via: Servers' hardening, Firewall & WAF installation/ configuration, & advice, etc

hLabs LTD


Consultancy on Secure Software Development & Best Practices

hLabs LTD

Other (Products)

zDel (Public - Coming Up...)

Browser extensions (Private - For Internal Use)

Python/ Bash/ C Libraries & Scripts (Private - For Internal Use)

hLabs LTD

hLabs LTD is a Cyber Security Company

We're a team of experienced, motivated & higly skilled cyber defense specialists.

Our operations are global (since there's hardly ever the need for a physical meet with our clients). However, we're physically based at Nairobi, KE

We provide tailored, quality & thorough cyber security services to organizations, website developers, owners, system admins & more. Check out our Services here

Our Online Website Security Scanner can be run from any device: Smart phones, tablets, notepads, desktops, etc

  • Advanced
  • Easy to Use
  • Thorough
  • 24/7 Support

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Meet With Price

Free to absolutely affordable!

Website Scan


  • For Low & Medium Severity Vulnerabilities
  • Free scan report
  • Free fixes for found bugs

Website Scan

From $5

  • For High & Critical Severity Vulnerabilities
  • Detailed scan report
  • Fixes for found bugs
  • Instant access to our copy-paste thorough, tested & highly effective website security rules
  • Access to Tech Support

Security Audits/ Pentests

From $50

  • Fixes for found bugs
  • Instant access to our copy-paste thorough, tested & highly effective website security rules
  • Access to Tech Support

Server Hardening

From $20

  • Key server modules hardening
  • WAFs installation/ configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Access to Tech Support
  • Etc,..

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